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The contestants who are looking to become Chard Carnival royalty and follow thier journey,

Cohen Baulch

Cohen is aged 10

Cohen loves playing the Piano, partaking in drama and singing.

A fun fact

Cohen is learning to speak Japanese.

謝肉祭 or shanikusai is Carnival in Japanese.

Favourite things about Chard Carnival

Cohen loves the carnival for all the singing and dancing, and is always impressed with how clever it all is.

Cohen wants to be Carnival Royalty because she wants to take part this year.

Upcoming event

Cohen is arranging a charity lunch on Wednesday 29th June from 12.15 to 2pm.

It will be held at the Ridgeway inn, Smallridge, EX13 7JJ

Please reserve a table so we can get an idea for numbers on 01297 32171.

£10 for a main course and a piece of cake.

Elsie Harding

Elsie is 8 and attends Red Start school.

Elsie enjoys riding her bike, attending the youth club, gymnastics and likes using snap chat.

Fun facts

Elsie has a rabbit called Sophie

And a dog (in the picture) called Dave who is not a he - she is a she!

Why she wants to be Carnival Princess

Elise Loves Disney, and knows all the princesses. So she wants to feel amazing like them, and feeling pretty! Also Elsie loves having her nails done.

Amelia Collins

Amelia is 13 and attends Holyrood Academy.

Her favourite subject is Drama

Amelia's hobbies are Tic Toc, videos and eating.

Amelia wants to be Carnival Royalty as Mum was once a Chard princess and she wants to follow in her foot-steps.

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Competition Closes

On the 2nd weekend in August. Please donate to your favourite.