Chard Carnival road closure information

Roads in Chard will close at 6pm on the 14th of October.

  • The roads will reopen after the procession on the instructions of the police.
  • No Vehicle to be allowed to enter the procession route once roads are closed
  • Children's carnival closure at bottom of post.
  • Car park information at bottom of post.

During Procession

  • Marshals will be stationed along the route
  • They will keep the crowd on the pavement on both sides of the road.
  • They will monitor fast food areas
  • First aiders will patrol the route on foot and by cycle


Please note the Carnival route will now start at Millfield.


Starting at Tapstone lane - Tesco's main entrance. 

  • 2 Marshals will remain
  • Temporary Taxi Rank is at Furnham Church Car Park 

    Tapstone road roundabout - entrance to Tesco

    Barriers to be placed on far side of roundabout to guide traffic around to Victoria Avenue

    Barriers and signage will be placed across Clarkes Close.

    Convent Link to Mill Lane

    Barriers to be placed across the entrance to Phoenix Fitness car park

    Barriers and signage to be placed across the Millfield roundabout

    Barriers and signage to be placed across Mill Lane.

    Mill Lane to the junction with the Mini Roundabout at Manor Court School

    Barriers to be placed across Bradfield way

    Barriers to be placed across the junction of Church Street (Kings head)

    Barriers to be placed across on the left-hand side of the bollards at the Kings He

    Barriers to be placed across the exit of Holyrood Street on the mini roundabout

    The mini roundabout at Manor Court to the junction with the High Street.


    Barriers to be placed across Coronation Street

    Barriers to be placed across Bath Street (Sainsbury’s Entrance)

    Barriers to be placed across Minnows (Sainsbury’s exit)

    Barriers to be placed across Mitchell Gardens

    Barriers to be placed across The Malting’s.

    Start at the Junction of Helliers Road & The High Street to The Guildhall


    Barriers to be start at the end of the rest area at the junction of Crowshute link to High Street past the tree and to the pavement.

    Barriers to form a crowd barrier from the corner of the Maltings phone box (end of rest area) across the road to the central reservation to keep crowd away from carts turning the corner.

    Barriers to be placed across the A30 at the junction of Helliers Road and High Street.

    Barriers to be placed across Holyrood Street.

    Guildhall to The Convent Link

    Barriers to be placed across Boden Street

    Barriers to be placed across Holy Terrace

    Barriers to be placed across Park Road

    Barriers to be placed across Essex Close

    Barriers to be placed across Silver Street

    Barriers to be placed across at junction of Convent Link and High Street by English Martyrs Church 

    Children's carnival

    The procession starts at Midday at Manor Court School.

    A rolling roadblock will follow the route through

    • Crowshute 
    • Down the High Street
    • Right into Boden Street (wrong way down one-way system)
    • End at Lace Mill carpark at approx. 12.45

    Traffic can follow at a distance, but parked cars must please wait until told safe to do so.

    Car Park information


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