Devon Truck Show at Chard Carnival 2022

A few photos of Trucks organised by the Devon Truck show for Chard Carnival 2022. 

The point of showing these trucks at the carnival was to symbolise the people who keep the UK moving and to show the modifications in which the drivers perform to make their home away from home feel more comfortable to work in on a daily basis. This year was most of the drivers first time attending chard carnival, they have been given this opportunity by Mike at “Devon Truck show” 

Credit for these excellent photos: “Mitchall Slaney at M.Slaney Truckstyling”

The trucks featured at chard carnival were mostly all produced by the manufacturer “DAF” they are based on the “Super Space” cab.

They are all fitted head to toe with their own personal touches, such as lights, interior modifications, and even their own horns!  

The trucks arrive at Chard carnival via Victoria Ave.

They park up and wait.

Coming out of Crowshute link 

E.W Gardner with their DAF XF106 “oldskool games” livery and their grey DAF XF106 with airbrushed paint on the back and sides which features “Dwayne the Rock Johnson”

This company in particular had come straight from their usual working day at Avonmouth, Bristol all the way to chard carnival!

After the carnival had finished, the trucks went to Slade's garage for a night photoshoot. 

The Carnival Committee is doing their bit to ensure the future of Chard Carnival.

Please make sure you do yours!

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