Zem CC

"We are looking forward to getting back to a normal carnival season, although we thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Chard and Ottery St. Mary last year with 'Les Mis'."

Fun fact

Zem CC motto would be, 'we might be small but we are perfectly formed!'

Tizzy's cc

This year for 2022 carnivals I will be talking part in the adult single walking class once again after being a pair for a few years

This years entry is something different and will hopefully leave an impact usually bright vibrant colours but a bit darker this time around and battery powered led lights.

I hope the public and judges enjoy the entry as much as I do taking part

Roger Muspratt

"Looking forward to being able to perform and please the crowds on the streets again and make them feel like theve had great evening "

Please give us a little hint into this year's entry.

Very colorful 

What song would make the best theme music for you? 

Walking on sunshine katrina and the waves 

Gemini CC

We are looking forward to seeing all our friends in carnival again this year at carnivals, after two years of not being able to do true carnival, it will be good to be back. 

This years entry…..it’s not what we usually do. Bit of a different style for us. But will be a fun one. Acting old before our time. 

Ilminster Diamonds

As this is our first ever year in carnival's it's is extremely exciting! And scary!!

Figuring out good routines to go with good music, and then trying to figure out the paperwork!

If there is a song with the title, "We are just having fun!" Then that would be our theme tune for definite! 

Bubbles CC

We love coming to Chard as we get to collect a Domino's on the way round.

We are looking forward to meeting carnival friends and wish all carnivalites the best of luck in the forthcoming carnivals.

Our entry hint is. . . . . Rolling on the tracks.


This will be Rubalo JCC's first time at chard carnival. 

Formed in 2019 and because of covid this will only be our second entry. 

Fun Fact

Rubalo was chosen as the name as a mixture of our children's names. This year we are joined by a couple family friends too. The children participating are between the ages of 3 and 8. 

A @ A cc

We are looking forward to seeing crowds of people again. As last years were so fab.


This years entry is a bit fishy.

Fun Fact

We all enjoy the carnivals so much . No one minds dressing up in any weird costumes. But no one ever wants to push the speaker along the carnival route.

Spirit CC

I'm looking forward to carnival coming back to the streets of Somerset to showcase what we have to offer. 

This is my 10th walking entry as Spirit CC, however will be my 25th year entering carnival. 

Hint: A throwback to my early days in carnival 

Generations cc

We are just really looking to be back out on the road looking forward to what we love taking part in carnival.


A popular 80's film

Fun Fact

Our youngest member took part in thier 1st carnival when they were just 5 weeks old.

Jiggle Mini Junior

They are looking forward to taking part in chard carnival as we have only done it once and enjoyed it last time.

Jiggle Mini Junior CC hint is: creature in the sea 

Jiggle Junior CC

Hint is: Arcane

Fun Fact

Jiggle CC started as a pair and is the father to Jiggle Junior and Jiggle Mini Junior.

Birds of Paradise

Coming all the way from Notting Hill carnival!

Featured in Timeout magazine this year for thier costume design.

Sid Vale CC

We last entered Chard Carnival in 1996 with our entry ‘Frozen Kingdom’ but we’re super excited to take this years entry round Chard in October!

Please give us a little hint into this year's entry.

You may already know ...

This is the 40th anniversary of Sid Vale CC. We have created 38 entries in this time and won the East Devon Circuit 25 times!

Otters CC

Fun fact - At 36 years old, our decorated tractor is one of the oldest members of the club.

Ferne animal sanctuary.

What are you looking forward to in this year's Chard carnival? We are looking forward to seeing our Chard supporters.

Please give us a little hint into this year's entryThis year’s entry is Mascot Mayhem! Representing the animals we care for at Ferne Animal Sanctuary.

A little fun fact about you. We care for over 300 resident animals on site and are open to members of the public to visit.



Hopefully fine weather would be a bonus for this years event as the last time we took part in 2019 it was a very wet one.?

Our entry is based on a street party celebrating the Queens platinum jubilee

Wilfs love a party and are usually the last to leave !!

The Hill Pony Team

The Hill Pony display team are looking forward to showing the people of Chard how amazing out little ponies from Dartmoor are and how dedicated to them our little band of riders are. 

This year we will be entering a Royal Pageant. 

Our team have appeared at 8 summer shows and one gala. 

Diamond Twirlers

This is our first time at Chard carnival and will be our first carnival this year so all the girls are very excited.

There will be a non-stop dance routine to upbeat music with the use of batons and poms. The girls will be wearing a sparkling uniform and massive smiles on their face.

Diamond twirler majorettes have been running since 2009. Over those years we have grown to a troupe of 50 girls.

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