Poole Field Gun display @ Chard Carnival 2021

We are a field gun display team based in Poole Dorset.
We run the Royal Naval Field Gun, and our two trainers have been trained by the no. 1 Portsmouth trainer.

We keep a bit of history alive as the field gun tournament ended back in 1999. We do all sorts of events ranging from carnivals to full arena displays. We have been running since 2015 and since then have entertained 1000s of people in the meantime. From starting up we had many people come up to us and share their stories from when they were in the Field Gun Tournament at Earl's Court.

Our guns have been hand made to replicate the real guns though not weighing the same 2.5 tonnes they are heavy enough and still take a team to move them. The teamwork is hard on all events but makes it look easy throwing the gun and wheels around. With the guns firing and hearing the crowd cheering, that is what keep us going. Every team has a motto and ours is "The louder you scream, the more we bang" which we keep up with firing the gun.

We have two complete sets of guns, wheels, ammo boxes and we can do full competitions and race against each other or even other organisations with some training, we have raced the local fire service and some rugby teams.
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