4 easy ways to donate to Chard Carnival

Chard carnival this year needs a BUMPER collection to help cover the costs of our carnival and to provide to local groups and good causes.

The Chard carnival committee will work incredibly hard to provide the best carnival we can deliver - Will you then do your bit by donating as much as you can to ensure the future of this most loved tradition?  

We have four easy and convenient ways for you to donate this year.

Cash on carnival night

We please ask you to save your change for Carnival Night.

As the carnival makes its way through Chard, please dig deep into your pockets and look out for the many collection buckets and collecting vehicles throughout the procession.

Card on carnival night

No cash, not a problem!

This year we have 15 card machines with collectors.
All contactless, and we suggest a donation of between £3 and £10.
The collectors will be wearing light blue hi-visibility jackets.

Donate online

We will have posters with QR codes on them. Scan the code, and it will bring you directly to the chard carnival website, ready for you to donate.

As you are reading this blog post, you can donate by clicking here

The 100 club

Why not enter our Monthly draw the 100 club?

An excellent way of fundraising for Chard Carnival, and we give away each month a £20 and a £10 prize.
It costs £10.50 to enter and will get you 12 draws. Enter here.

Thank you for reading, your generous donations will ensure the future of Chard Carnival.


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