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Abbie Quinn, Avon Lady in Chard Somerset


Abbie Quinn Avon Lady Chard
Hi my name is Abbie, A Tesco checkout worker, mum and a local Chard Avon lady. 
As a local resident of Chard, And living directly on the Carnival route, I am proud to sponsor.

 I offer three ways of shopping Avon 

  1. The Avon catalogue  (contact me for one)
  2. My Avon online store (free delivery over £20)
  3. The Avon instant brochure (rep or direct delivery options)

You can contact me on 01460 351576 or email me at abbie@quinnbeauty.co.uk

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Contact Brian today on 07878681189 or email brianquinn@hotmail.com to start your sponsorship today.