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Thank you for allowing us to present a unique opportunity to support the Chard carnival and make a difference in local charities and organisations. To date, we have raised over £100,000 

Chard Carnival was revived in 1967 and is now in its 55th year. 

  • The carnival takes place on the 8th of October this year.
  • We also hold a Children’s Carnival on the same day.
  • Our street fayre on the 10th of September.
  • December sees our popular Santa float.

We aim to share all the information on the Chard Carnival Website. 

With the additional goals of

  • Raising income by increasing online donations
  • Selling our Monthly draw (the 100 club)
  • Sponsorship of the website 

Meeting these goals is vital to bring about these beneficial results [e.g. raising money to buy new medical equipment or sports equipment etc.] Therefore, we are asking for much-needed help.

Welcome to the Greatest Show in Chard.

The illuminated carnival is watched and enjoyed by thousands of local people going through the streets of Chard.

Throughout August through to October 2021, over ten thousand people viewed our website for details.

The Christmas float  during December saw another two thousand hits.

The total UK visits for the year, from July 2021 to June 2022 was 15,251.

By sponsoring Chard Carnival Website, your business will be targeted at an entirely local population giving you brand exposure and associated with an organisation that does good for Chard increasing your perceived social responsibility.

Why not a yearly sponsorship today?